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Repair Order Technical Support
Why is support so important?

"If the software is so good and easy to run, why do I need support?"

This is the question we often receive. The answer is simple. Think of all the other things that can go wrong besides the Work Order Software. Hardware in your auto repair business, or other repair business, (like your hard drive, memory, video card, etc.), Operating system software (Windows), Power failures, Other software (like Virus checkers, spyware, actual viruses), and of course people (techs, so called computer experts, etc.) Any of these things can cause problems with your computer, and quite possibly corrupt your data in your work order software

Phone - Email - Remote Control

That being said, we recommend you call us on the phone. After all, when you need help, you usually need it right now! The work order software is just as important as your phone, it is very difficult to run your business without it. Quite frankly, if you can't call the software company on the phone and ask them a question, you really don't have support! Make sure before you buy any program for your auto repair business, or other repair business, you call the company first.

We can use Remote Control to access your computer:

Remote Software only gives us access to your computer when you give us your code That means it's secure for you. You can see everything we're doing, and normally we're on the phone with you at the same time. High speed internet is required. This is the fast way to get help for your work order software and get your repair shop up and running fast.

Yearly Support:

We do not force you to buy support, nor do we charge you a penalty of any kind if your support is expired. (Our program will not coincidently crash if your support is expired!)

All programs come with one year of support.  And when we say a year, we mean a year... not 6 hours in a year! If for some reason you had problems in your auto, boat, or other repair shop you would not want a time limit on how much support you could have, would you? Some software companies say a year and limit you to x number of hours!

It should be noted that our support and upgrade package is very affordable!

Available types of support:

Most support is done on the phone.

We do have email support of course, but it is only checked on the weekdays during business hours. . We do not out-source our help, we do it ourselves, which means you are talking to the most highly qualified technicians.

How can we give you this much support and stay in business???

It's simple really. We don't have a separate support staff to pay. And we don't need a support staff because we have minimal support issues. And that is because our software runs, and runs, and runs well. If someone finds an actual ' Bug ' in the program, we don't put it on a list, we fix it right away.

What about Updates? Do they come with the support?

Updates come as a package with support.

An update is work that we have done to the software to correct any problems, add new features, or change some things to make the program easier and more efficient.

When your repair business needs help, you need it now! Being able to call and get help is very important. Don't let your repair shop do without help.

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