Repair order reports list
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Inventory and Parts List

Although Digital Wrench does not require you enter any parts in inventory. you can add all parts special order, we do have an excellent inventory/parts lists in our repair order software!

There is no limit to how many parts you can add to your list.

Parts can be imported using the import feature in our software. So if your vendor gives you a CSV file or spreadsheet file you can save as a CSV you can import it into Digital Wrench.

Reports and More Reports

Reports can be a great help in letting you know how your business is doing.

There are over 100 reports in Digital Wrench, a partial list is shown above.

Digital Wrench also comes with a Report Writer that allows people that like making their own reports to do just that! Along with all these reports you can create or have created custom invoices for your estimate and invoices needs.

Purchase Order

For those of you that order parts and want to track them in a Purchase Order it is including in our software.

You can create and add a Purchase Order right from a repair order.

Purchase orders can then be called in, printed so you can fax them, or emailed to the vendor. This is great for special order parts you need to order from a vendor that is not local. Of course it can be used for local vendors as well.
Repair order inventory screen
Repair order point of sale screen
Repair order receivables screen
Repair order setup screen

Point of Sale - Optional

What is Point of Sale?

Point of Sale is an optional program designed to sell parts quickly.

You can sell parts in Digital Wrench without Point of Sale. So why would you want, or need, this program? If you have a separate parts area or counter and want to sell parts fast and easy then you need to look at our Point of Sale.

AR and Fleet AR

Many shops have accounts that charge repair orders and send a check every month to cover several invoices.

Using our built in AR feature you can choose to charge interest on these repair orders, you can print statements, and make payments on those invoices.

We even have a multi pay button that will let you pay many invoices with one payment!

Setup Digital Wrench

Digital Wrench is customizable to work for many types of repair businesses.

This is all done from the setup screen.

In setup you enter your tax settings, company information, Disclaimers, the screens you want to show in the repair order entry screen, type of invoice printer, estimate printout and so much more. Even the entry fields for your business can be set for your business!

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