Repair Order Software Entry Screen
Repair Order Labor Logging Screen

Main Menu

The Main menu allows access to all the features in our repair order software.

From this screen you can select options to add repair orders, inventory, labor items to your labor lists, labor logging, packages, and much more.

Digital wrench uses a clean Windows based interface and is compatible with Windows 7, 8,10,11.

Repair Order Entry Screen

This is the exciting repair order entry screen. You can add one or more (no limit) of vehicles for each customer.

You can add one time special order parts, or add parts from inventory.

You can add labor the same way, one time labor entry or create your own labor list that you can place in your Repair Order.

Of course this screen does more so click More Info for Details.

Labor Logging

For shops that want to track actual repair time we have Labor Logger!

Once a Repair order has been created a tech can open Labor Logger, select the labor item to be worked on, then log in and out until the job is finished.

Then with the click of the mouse the time can be transferred to the Repair order.
Repair Order Software Main Menu Screen
Repair order packages screen
Repair Order reminder screen
Repair order end of day screen

Packages - Canned Jobs

Packages can be a great help in making a repair order fast!

You can create unlimited packages.

Each package can have parts, labor, and special fees, like disposal fees. Once the package is made you can choose it right from the repair order entry screen.


One of the great features of our repair shop software is the ability to create semi automatic reminders that can be emailed, or exported to a file. You can also print postcards and send them out.

You create a master list of reminders and assign a master to a labor category. When that labor item is put in a repair order and the repair order completed an automatic reminder is created for that vehicle and customer.

Money and Tax Tracking

The screen above is the End of Day screen.

Every time a repair order is completed, a deposit made on a repair order, or any other money transaction it is recorded in Digital Wrench.

At the of the day, or whenever you like, you should print one the reports in the left column. Then you should purge this information which transfers it to the history file where you can get income reports, including taxes for any time period you pick.
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Repair Shop Software Screen Tour

Repair Shop Software Screen Tour
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