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We pride ourselves in making truck shop repair software that is very functional, without the software getting in your way. As we add new functions to our software, we try to make the software even easier to use, not over complicated.

Please call 1-800-457-7818 for questions or to place an order.

As an Diesel truck mechanic you know you need software that will be easy to use for you and any mechanics you may have working for you. The last thing you need to do is spend hours trying to train mechanics on how to use a Software for your repair shop.

We believe our software is easy to use for any mechanic but we go a step further.... If you have an internet connection we will spend the time to show you how to get our program up and running. We can show you and any mechanic you have working for you how to do a repair order, how to add parts and labor, how to set up a package of labor and parts, in just a few minutes on your computer.

So get your mechanics together once you have downloaded the trail version of our application. Give us a call and will be happy to go through the program and show you how any diesel repair shop can benefit by using our program.

Note: We understand the needs of a repair shop, having been an a mechanic and having a shop for motorcycles  for seven years. If you have special needs for your shop let us know, there's a good change we can help.
Diesel Repair Repair Shop Software
It is wonderful, working good for us! TNC Truck Service Center, Suwanee, Ga
Truck Shop Inventory
Digital Wrench was written to be a functional Diesel shop repair software for small or large shops that don't want a complicated program, but do want a program that works for their business.

We pride ourselves in making software that is very functional, without the software getting in your way. As we add new functions to our program, we try to make the program even easier to use, not over complicated.

Our Application processes repair orders, maintains history of repair orders, tracks income, maintains inventory, tracks employee hours, and much, much more for your diesel shop.

For a complete list click on the Features Button.

Excellent software for heavy truck repair shops! Has Fleet billing and statements, and multi-pay for paying several invoices at once. If your semi truck repair shop needs software for tracking repairs try Digital Wrench.
Diesel repair feature list
Diesel Repair Shops
Schools that do Diesel Repair
School work order feature list
Unlimited number of parts can be added to a repair order.
Parts can be sorted by category for easy lookup.
Minimum quantity levels put part placed in suggested re order list for you.
Purchase order feature tracks items on order and receives them in inventory.
Special order items can be added to work order on the fly.
Lawn repair feature list
Boat repair feature list
Diesel repair feature list
auto repair feature list
work order feature list
Tracks shipping address of your customers.
Lawn repair feature list
Boat repair feature list
Diesel repair feature list
auto repair feature list
work order feature list
You can make and revise estimates or work orders as necessary.
History is tracked every time a customer has work done.
Tracks where customers are referred from to your Diesel truck repair business.
As many vehicles or machines as you want can be added to customer.
Lawn repair feature list
Send email or SMS text to customers (optional)
Lawn repair feature list
Parts can be entered into a list for quick recall even if you don't keep them in inventory.
(Has Import for Cummins, or other parts)
I think the software is great! Made my life easier since we go the option for importing our Cummins parts. Now we are saving lots of time by using the package feature for importing groups of parts and labor all at once. Weavers Diesel and Truck Repair, Breezewood, Pa
I like the software and it works great. Mullis Logging, Inc.
School work order feature list
Fleet Service with built in AR and Multi-Pay
Red Diesel Truck
White Diesel Truck
Red Tow Truck
Purple Diesel Truck
Are you looking for a easy to way to find finished repair orders?

Are you looking for a simpler and more effective approach to repair order software that's easy to use?  We've created repair order solutions that give you the tools you need for your business.

When you want help with repair orders, inventory managing, history, customer tracking, income, taxes and many other essential processes, Digital Wrench can help.

Your search for functional and user-friendly software is over. The trial is free and doesn't ask for any payment information, so give it a try.

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